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When a City Turns into a Show …

December 07, 2008 By: jgrandchamps Category: Customs and Traditions, Lyon No Comments →


                        On Dec. 8th, Lyon and its area will celebrate Illusmination Day.

It all started over 150 years ago, when people wanted to celebarate the new statue of  Mary ( I know, all these recent posts are Catholic-oriented close to the end of the year, but a lot of festivities have a catholic religious background here, even if most people do not care about it any more) on top of Fourviere Basilica.

Since then, people have put little candles on their windowsills on that evening in Lyon but also in the villages around, as far as 50 km away. Valerie always decorate her house with dozens of candle in La Cote Saint André.

For a few years now, the festivities in Lyon last several days. It will start on Dec. 5th, and ends on the 8th this year. Light artists work all year long to turn the Capital of the Gauls into a light wonderland: historical building are lit and images are also projected on the wall, turning the whole city into a show.

Thousands of visitors are expected and they now come from all over the world. Street artists propose many shows downtown, and even in the cold, the crowd and all the walking will keep you warm!