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Gorée, Senegal: the Slave Island

May 06, 2009 By: jgrandchamps Category: Tours in Senegal, history No Comments →

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Goree Island is just a few miles from the Western African coast, in the Atlantic Ocean. It only takes 30 minutes to reach by boat from Dakar, Senegal. It has become a Unesco world heritage town because of its historical importance, particularly in the 18th slave trade.

Today it is an importance pilgrimage place for African Americans who visit the island, and especially the House of Slaves, to pay tribute to those who were crually deported from their native land, after passing through the “doors of no return”. The trade was active from 1536 to 1848.

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In Gorée you  can also visit  the Women’s museum and the Maritime Museum. In addition it is a charming place to stroll around the streets. The town council is well aware of environment issues and has been doing a great job at keeping the streets clean and at recycling.

Around the little harbour, restaurants offer a great variety of seafood and local dishes. Senegalese cuisine is very refined and diversified.

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