A Travel Guide to Turkey in the Sixties: From Waterfalls to Cotton Cliffs (1967) | British Pathé

A Travel Guide to Turkey in the Sixties: From Waterfalls to Cotton Cliffs (1967) | British Pathé

This segment from Pathé Pictorial gives a fascinating look at tourism in Turkey during the nineteen-sixties. Wonder at archive footage of white pooled Cotton Cliffs to the tomb of Kamal Attaturk in the city of Ankara.

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Cuts exist – see separate record.

At Athens airport in Greece we see several people boarding a plane; most are carrying souvenirs that look Turkish rather than Greek. The Sabena plane takes off.

Aerial shots of Istanbul in Turkey; minarets of the mosques are seen. Several shots at the National Day Parade at Ankara where soldiers drop to the ground by parachute before (and on top of) a large crowd. Turkish veterans in traditional costume march past playing pipes and drums; some carry rifles.

Goats and sheep are herded in the countryside by nomads. Several shots of a market place; stalls selling food, ice cream and drinking jugs. In a field people pick cotton; camels carrying the cotton are led along a dusty road; villagers watch the caravan go past. A baby camel is tethered to it’s mother.

Top shot of the hills and coast at Alanya; a western woman looks at the waterfalls in this beautiful area. Boats are seen in the harbour at Antalya. Various shots of gypsies walking along the road beside their horse-drawn caravans.

In the city of Ankara (?) a woman sits in a carriage, hiding from the camera behind her veil; tradesmen walk past carrying their goods. A man has his shoes shined by a man sitting at an ornate shoe shine box. Aerial shot of the city; several street scenes. The tomb of Kamal Attaturk is seen in several shots; a woman in (western) trousers looks at the mausoleum frieze.

Various shots of a hot spring pool at Pammukale; a woman sits sunning herself on a rock; a man swims across to her. Several shots of the amazing white pooled Cotton Cliffs in this area. Numerous beautiful Turkish sunsets showing several scenes in silhouette: the landscape, the sea, a ruined arch, mountains and a lighthouse, a woman sitting at a waterfront cafe with a Samovar before her.

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