Best Things to do in the Faroe Islands | Faroe Islands Travel Guide

Best Things to do in the Faroe Islands | Faroe Islands Travel Guide

This travel guide is not meant to be the “be-all and end-all” of everything there is to do in the Faroes, but merely a crash course guide to this amazing destination.
▼▼ For more info, FAQ, and hotel recommendations check below ▼▼

:::::: Hotel Recommendations for the Faroe Islands:::::::
Budget Options:
62N Hotel – City Center ►
Hósvik Boat House ►
Apartment in Torshavn ►

Pricey Options:
Hotel Vagar ►
Hotel Føroyar ►
Havgrim Seaside Hotel ►

Hiking Information in the Faroe Islands:

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4:24 – Gasadalur
4:55 – Drangarnir
5:25 – Sørvágsvatn
5:55 – Mykines
6:38 – Torshavn
7:14 – Fútastova, Ræst, Babara Fish House, Áarstova
7:34 – Fossá (Fossurin í Fossá)
7:53 – Saksun
8:19 – Tjørnuvík
8:41 – Gjogv
9:04 – Hvithamar ( Near Funningur)
9:48 – Kópakonan (The Seal Woman)
10:05 – Kallur Lighthouse
10:43 – Kunoy Park

:::: FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions ::::

Q: How long was your trip?
A: Around 4 days. But I recommend spending at least 5-7 days in the Faroes

Q: What was your travel budget?
A: Around 600 USD – excluding plane tickets and accommodations

Q: What time of the year did you visit?
A: April – Less crowded. But I believe the summer months are better.

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