Esmeris Farm in Liliw, Laguna | Tuklas Pilipinas Travel Guide

Esmeris Farm in Liliw, Laguna | Tuklas Pilipinas Travel Guide

Want a quick out of town getaway? Well, a destination here in Laguna known for its slippers-production as named them a Tsinelas Capital of Laguna has an emerging spot for you to visit. Its nearness in Metro Manila will only take about at least two to three hours of travel time from the city. There, you will find a hidden treasure of Laguna— the Esmeris Farm.

Esmeris Farm is a quiet and serene place, perfect for people who just want to take a breather from their stressful lives and enjoy the simple beauty of nature.

This vlog will show how to go and how much will you spend when you go to this hidden amazing spot in Laguna!


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Footage from 1:34 – 1:42 is retrieved from “Hakbang Liliw – Liliw Footwear” Industry
YouTube Channel:

Photographs captured by: En Marck Gonzales

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