Etihad Group CEO takes COVID-19 vaccine

Etihad Group CEO takes COVID-19 vaccine

Tony Douglas, group chief executive officer of Etihad Aviation Group, received his first dose of the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine at Etihad Airways Medical Centre.

Douglas said: “As we say goodbye to 2020, I wanted to start the new year by demonstrating my own confidence in Abu Dhabi’s National Vaccination Programme. While it offers the obvious benefit of being safeguarded against COVID-19, this is my way of contributing to a safer workplace and safer Abu Dhabi community.

“From an aviation perspective, as borders continue to open up, we hope that through increased vaccination rates, people will feel more confident travelling not only for business and leisure but more importantly, to reconnect with their loved ones around the world,” he added.

In an effort to protect residents and citizens of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Aviation Group thanks the relevant authorities for their support in making the vaccine accessible to achieve nationwide immunity.

The COVID-19 vaccine is available for free for all Etihad employees and their dependants (over 18 years old) at Etihad Airways Medical Centre.

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