Exploring OLD SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico Travel Guide | 24-Hours in Old San Juan

Exploring OLD SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico Travel Guide | 24-Hours in Old San Juan

There are so many things to see and do in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, but I’ve captured some of the highlights of the city in my 24-hour travel guide. These activities are all fairly inexpensive or completely free, and great ways to experience the local culture, history, and charm of Old San Juan Puerto Rico.

Here are some attractions I definitely recommend adding to your Old San Juan itinerary:
0:00 Intro
1:28 ✔️I heart Puerto Rico Sign
1:56 ✔️San Juan Cruise Port
2:27 ✔️Outdoor Market
2:57 ✔️Puerta de San Juan
3:15 ✔️Paseo Del Morro
3:59 ✔️Save A Gato Cat Sanctuary
5:13 ✔️Grounds of El Morro & Castillo San Felipe del Morro
5:55 ✔️Bastion de San Antonio
6:00 ✔️Santa Maria Cemetary
6:10 ✔️Kite Flying
6:40 ✔️La Perla
7:20 ✔️Mojitos Restaurant
7:55 ✔️Local Breakfast
8:51 ✔️Sightseeing around Old San Juan
9:06 ✔️Catedral De San Juan
9:24 ✔️Fortaleza Street
9:35 ✔️Castillo San Cristobal
10:24 Closing

I hope these can be helpful for you if you’re planning your own trip to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico in the future!

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