France eases UK travel ban over virus

France eases UK travel ban over virus

France has relaxed the temporary UK travel ban introduced after a new variant of coronavirus emerged, the prime minister’s office said.

EU nationals and residents of EU countries have been allowed to enter provided they can show a negative Covid-19 test no more than 72 hours old. The tests must be of a type capable of detecting the new variant that emerged in Britain, the office said in a statement.

People who ‘must carry out essential travel’ will also be allowed into the country, it said. The European Commission has urged EU countries to lift travel bans imposed on Britain, where the spread of the new coronavirus variant has spurred global panic just as vaccines are being rolled out worldwide.

France set its ban on 20 December for 48 hours pending a pan-EU policy. The statement released then said specific modalities for the resumption of goods traffic by road would be announced in the coming hours.

France’s temporary ban on hauliers caused concern that the UK could face shortages of some fresh food products over a Christmas period already dampened by strict coronavirus restrictions.

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