Gatwick CEO pleades for unified quarantine rules

Gatwick CEO pleades for unified quarantine rules

One of Europe’s most experienced airport bosses, Stewart Wingate of London Gatwick, has pleaded for a common testing solution to boost passenger confidence and ease quarantine restrictions.  Writing in Business Travel News (BTN) ON THE SOAPBOX feature he makes for a strong case.

“The issue has gone far beyond industry revenue and profits and, as demonstrated by recent airline and airport announcements, including here at Gatwick – it is now about people, their jobs, livelihoods and the families they support”.

Everyone is well aware that the impact of Covid-19 on the aviation sector has been severe.  The more prolonged the pandemic and the various restrictions in place, the longer recovery will take for a sector which is a significant and vital part of UK’s economy.

Mr Wingate joined Gatwick Airport in 2019, previously managing director of Stansted Airport and CEO of Budapest Airport. His is but one of a number of similar high profile statements by leaders of the industry.

He goes on to say that numerous media reports have speculated on possible testing solutions that might help achieve this, but there is a growing aviation industry consensus that a single, robust process needs to be harmonised among international governments first.

“This would reflect the cross-border nature of much of our industry and should happen initially at a European level so that our closest neighbours can coalesce around a single, workable and clear solution”.

Gatwick serves Europe, the Middle East and China

Mr Wingate’s full SOAPBOX can be found on &

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