Oman lifts travel ban from today

Oman lifts travel ban from today

Oman’s Supreme Committee has decided to lift the ban on entry to and exit from the Sultanate through various land, air and sea outlets starting from 12 am on 29 December.

An official circular issued by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Sultanate of Oman said: “Due to the ongoing implementation of Covid-19 precautionary measures, and as an exception from the air transport rights between the Sultanate and a number of countries, the flights will continue to operate according to bilateral coordination.”

In a bid to protect all members of the society against the various Covid-19 variants, the following decisions have been taken. Here is a checklist that you need to keep in mind while travelling to the country now.

  • Obtaining a PCR test, compulsory, before coming to the Sultanate from all countries of the world without exception.
  • Imposing quarantine again for those arriving on short visits to the Sultanate for less than seven days.

The following procedures shall be applied to all arrivals at the Sultanate’s border outlets. The previous decisions that contradict these procedures shall be cancelled:

  • Registering in (Tarrasud+) application prior to arrival in the Sultanate.
  • Showing a certificate of negative Covid-19 PCR test upon arrival provided that the test has been conducted within a period of not more than 72 hours.
  • It is mandatory to obtain a health insurance that covers costs of Covid-19 treatment. Omanis, GCC citizens and those who have free health cards are exempted.
  • Conducting a PCR test upon arrival at the Sultanate’s airports.
  • Wearing a tracking hand bracelet at all border outlets, along with commitment to a 7-day quarantine. The tracking bracelet is removed after completing the quarantine period, provided that no Covid-19 symptoms appear during that period, upon repetition of the PCR test on the eighth day.
  • The quarantine period for public and private workers in the Sultanate will not be treated as a paid sick leave.

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