Pompeii Ruins Travel Guide: Tips to See Everything in One Day | Italy

Pompeii Ruins Travel Guide: Tips to See Everything in One Day | Italy

Pompeii is SO big, but we were determined to see all of it. Follow along as we show you all the ruins, the amazing mosaic floors, and life as it was for Pompeiians 2000 years ago. This travel guide will walk you through all the sites in Pompeii, from the amphitheater to the House of the Geometric Mosaics to the incredible Casa del Menandro. From the Temple of Apollo and the Temple of Isis to the Forum and the plaster casts of the victims of the Mount Vesuvius eruption. We’ll also give you helpful tips along the way to save you time and make sure you have a great experience when you visit the Pompeii ruins.

We also wanted to show you how to get from Naples to Pompeii. Taking the train to the Pompeii Archaeological Site can be a little complicated because there are multiple train stations in Pompeii, so we show you exactly what tickets to buy and where to go to catch the train.

We visited too many ruins to include them all here, but here are timestamps for some of the major highlights in Pompeii:

0:22 – How to get to Pompeii from Naples
2:07 – Amphitheater of Pompeii
2:21 – Pompeii history: the earthquake and Mount Vesuvius eruption
2:55 – How to get around Pompeii: regios and insulas
3:34 – House of the Geometric Mosaics
4:54 – House of Menander (Casa del Menandro)
6:04 – Fullonica of Stephanus (the Laundromat)
6:37 – Thermopolium of Vetutius Placidus (hot food stand)
8:19 – Pompeii theater quad
8:26 – Teatro Piccolo and Teatro Grande (small and large theaters)
9:02 – Temple of Isis – the Egyptian goddess (Tempio di Iside)
9:49 – Temple of Apollo
10:07 – Forum and plaster casts of Mount Vesuvius victims
12:40 – Stabian thermal baths
13:03 – Lupanare (brothel)
13:53 – Pompeii visit tips and recommendations, including the best time to visit Pompeii

Thanks for watching! If you have any questions about visiting the Pompeii Archaeological Park or Naples or traveling with a baby/toddler, ask us in the comments. We answer everything!

-Brian and Isa

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