Top 5 Travel Destinations in USA 2021 – Tourist Guide and HD Drone Footage

Top 5 Travel Destinations in USA 2021 - Tourist Guide and HD Drone Footage

Are you planning a trip in USA in 2021? Here is the top 5 travel destinations! We include a travel guide with things to do, places to visit, famous spots & more. You will also enjoy HD drone footage and amazing time lapses.

Fifth travel destination, Los Angeles:
– Interesting facts, celebrities and tourist attractions
– Rodeo drive HD footage
– Beverly Hills mansions and lifestyle
– Venice Beach
– Santa Monica Pier

Fourth travel destination, Austin Texas:
– Interesting facts source
– College life and nightlife
– Colorado river kayaking and paddle boarding
– Congress Avenue Bridge aerials
– The Texas State Capitol
– Sixth Street

Third travel destination, New York City:
– Tourists and artistic shows
– The Empire State building
– Times Square
– The Statue of Liberty incredible views
– Central Park
– Brooklyn Bridge
– Grand Central exterior and interior

Second travel destination, Washington D.C.:
– Washington D.C. history preview
– Politicians and The White House
– Washington Monument
– Lincoln Memorial
– The United States Capitol views

First travel destination, Las Vegas:
– Luxury hotels and HD drone footage
– Casinos
– Shows and entertainment
– Las Vegas Strip at night
– Red Rock canyon, helicopter and quad bikes

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