Trump positive: What it Means for Travel and Tourism

Trump positive: What it Means for Travel and Tourism

President Donald Trump and his wife Melanie Trump are both positive for Coronavirus. President Trump may have been positive at the debate with the Democratic Presidential Candidate Vice President Joe Biden .

What are the National Security Implementation – this is a true Red Alert considering the people a president meets.

Open Florida, forget masks, reopen for tourism, rally for the election.

We all know the tweets, we
all know the background.

US President Trump gets
tested for COVID-19 constantly. Anyone who wants to talk to him gets tested. It
was the reasoning the president didn’t think he needed to be worried.

This all may have changed today.
Breaking news is President Donald Trump and the First Lady are COVID-19 positive.

This is shocking not only for the US government and the American People but an eye-opener to political leaders in the United States and anywhere in the world to change from focusing on restart an economy to take the health threat more serious.

It will be seen if also the Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may get up and immediately to make wearing a mask is the law in Florida.

Will this situation delay the reopening of Hawaii Tourism again?

Hours ago President Trump claimed we’re at the end of the epidemic and now him,
his wife and at least one member of his close staff are diagnosed with Coronavirus.

This is bad news for
tourism, or perhaps good news for the travel and tourism industry to put health
over economics.

More on this subject forthcoming

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