U.S. Virgin Islands Clarifies Entry Requirements For American Travelers

U.S. Virgin Islands Clarifies Entry Requirements For American Travelers

The U.S. Virgin Islands aims to clarify its entry requirements for American travelers. The renowned island updated its procedures early this month due to increasing travel demand from the mainland U.S. 

In a recent press release from the United States Virgin Islands Department of Tourism, the board announced that it is on a mission to educate travelers on the fact that the region is an American overseas territory and as such, travel to St. John, St. Thomas, St. Croix or Water Island is within the U.S. domestic jurisdiction.

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Hence, the CDC COVID-19 travel requirements do not apply to citizens traveling directly from USVI to the U.S. mainland. This means that Americans do not need COVID-19 test documentation to return to the U.S. mainland. 

Additionally, U.S. citizens traveling to USVI from the states or Puerto Rico do not require a passport for entry.

In this regard, the United States Virgin Islands Commissioner of Tourism,  Joseph Boschulte, stated:

“We, too, are American. The new requirements do not apply to persons traveling or returning directly from the U.S. Virgin Islands to the U.S. mainland. if you are leaving St. Thomas or St. Croix and you are heading to or returning to the U.S. mainland, the U.S. Virgin Islands does not require passengers to test.”

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As one of the highly acclaimed destinations located in the continental United States, the Virgin Islands feature a group of Caribbean islands, geographically part of the Virgin Islands archipelago.

The U.S. territory recently reopened in response to rising popularity amongst Americans.

As stated by the USVI Tourism board, thousands of Americans have been arriving on the islands, by air and sea, despite the downturn in leisure travel since the start of the pandemic, validating demand for travel to the sunny destination.

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“As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times through the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s encouraging to see that the U.S. Virgin Islands is still top of mind among travelers,” said Commissioner Boschulte.

Granted the reopening, strict protocols and procedures have been set in place to ensure maximum safety for all its visitors.

Here are the updates travelers should know when planning a trip to USVI from the U.S. mainland.

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