Weekend Gdansk City Trip | Gdansk Poland Travel Guide

Weekend Gdansk City Trip | Gdansk Poland Travel Guide

Our long weekend Gdansk city trip showed us what an incredible hidden gem the city is!

Gdansk in Poland is full of beautiful architecture, great food, quirky bars and tonnes of fascinating history (even for a non-history buff like me). It’s the perfect underrated and off the beaten path city to visit if you want to avoid crowds and enjoy the culture.

During our long weekend in Gdansk, we were able to experience some of the top attractions and best things to do in Gdansk (locally known as Danzig) including its famous Amber, traditional Poland milk bars, the Basilica of St Mary, fantastic museums and the beautiful seaside town Sopot.

Tom and I were lucky enough to visit Gdansk in February 2020 (before lockdown) but I hope this Gdansk travel guide inspires you to visit in the future!

If you’re looking for more information, take a look at my Gdansk travel guide over on my blog: https://www.escapesetc.com/3-days-gdansk-winter-itinerary/

The hotel we stayed in – Celestine Residence: https://bit.ly/3hJJWje


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